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  • Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. We manage investments primarily focused on non-performing mortgages, defaulted debt instruments, and distressed real estate assets.

About Aurora Capital

  • Aurora Capital has been acquiring and managing non-performing commercial and residentials mortgage loans, defaulted debt instruments, and distressed real estate assets. We apply highly sophisticated analytical techniques, as well as our experience dealing with the complexity of the distressed opportunities, differentiates our approach and allows us the competitive edge in maximizing returns in highly volatile and changing markets.

Real Estate Solutions
  • For our real estate programs, we partnered with seasoned operators and sponsors who locate high quality investments at discounts to replacement cost. We then partner with our sponsors to improve the properties through hands-on management and targeted value- add initiatives. Our efforts result in solid returns for investors and strong economic assets for communities.

  • Aurora Capital is a private equity firm specializing in providing equity and debt to sophisticated real estate investors and sponsors. With offices in New York, Florida, and California, Aurora Capital is well positioned to invest in targeted metropolitan areas with strong economic growth throughout the country. Aurora Capital seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors throughout real estate cycles and over the long term. The Aurora Capital investment platform encompasses investments across the risks spectrum from opportunistic to stabilized core assets as well as low leverage loan products.

John Enriquez (Founder & Managing Partner)

Prior to Aurora Capital, John was a Partner and Director of Acquisitions for JohnDavid Capital since its inception in 2011 through 2014. During his tenure at JDC, the company successfully closed on over $100 million worth of transactions, including value add and development projects across a variety of asset classes. John was instrumental in the full process from acquisition through closing, as well as in structuring Joint Venture relationships with capital partners. Right after JDC John was CIO for Jpaul Capital, a private real estate investment firm. John began his real estate career as a Managing Partner at Nationwide Lending and Investments, a private real estate investment company specializing in non-performing residential mortgages.

Amedeo Belmonte (Founder & Managing Partner)

Amedeo is the co-founder of Aurora Capital and has over 14 years of real estate investment and management experience in residential, commercial, retail, multi-family, and office. Amedeo focuses on the fund's structure, acquisitions, and investor relations. Prior to founding Aurora Capital, Amedeo managed and operated his own real estate investment company specializing in procuring value-add assets. He also is the broker of record and co-founder of Fuhova Inc., a real estate tech company and GRE Realty Inc., a full-service brokerage specializing in South Florida.

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